Every member of the Hands to Serve team aims to support Christian missions and their workers. It provides a place for everyone willing to serve God with practical and technical work. Nobody receives a salary for this work and many know in their heart that they are called by God to take part in this mission. We also have volunteers that work with us to share the workload with the various team members.

Our aim is to care for missionaries so they can be more effective in their mission work. This results in an abundance of projects and because of this we are looking for people who would like to join our team. You can find a list below of the vacancies we have at this time. If you get in touch with us we can tell you more of the details.


For our office and communal spaces we are looking for people:
  • Who can help with the housecleaning
  • Who can cook
Computer Repair
For the computer department we are looking for someone:
  • Who can help us repair computers
  • Who can do software re-install for missions
Car mechanic
For the cars we loan to missionaries we look for:
  • Maintenance mechanics
  • Someone who knows about car electronics
Computer Planner
For the computer department we are looking for someone:
  • Who can plan the computer projects
  • Who is available several days each week
URGENT: Shipment planner
For the shipping department we are looking for:
  • Someone who can dedicate one day each week to manage our global shipments
Electronic repair person
Voor het repareren van gedoneerde apparatuur en onderhoud van onze eigen systemen zoeken we: To repair donated equipment and maintain our own system we are looking for:
  • An electonics repair person
Car cleaner
For the cars we loan to missionaries we are looking for someone whou can:
  • Polish our cars
  • Clean the interior of our cars
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