We serve missions with practical and technical support.  Based in Strijen, just south of Rotterdam, we support missions and their workers throughout the whole world. To support Gods kingdom and His workers allowing them to focus even more on preaching The Gospel. We do this by loaning a large number of cars to missionaries, preparing and distributing computers, sorting clothes and lots of other support work.

Schakel naar Nederlands
Schakel naar Nederlands

We invite everyone who has never been in Strijen to visit us and see how God has been faithful to this work all these years. His blessing and guidance allowed us to grow to a mission organization able to be a blessing to many other missions.

From the city of Lublin, eastern Poland, a group of messianic Jewish believers contacted us for help. Wanting improve their communication capabilities, they asked if we could donate any computers to them. This group of believers is hosting refugees from the war in Ukraine, as millions have been displaced from their homes since the war began. So, we sent three laptops to be used by those in need.

we installed the necessary hardware and software for an efficient work environment
Mr. G receives a laptop

We’re going to stop our clothing store. Are you here to get all the new clothes we didn’t sell? A planned closure of Panic Fashion. Unfortunately due to the corona the final sales was not possible. Therefore we were allowed to pick everything up and give it a good destination. Of course we are grateful for this opportunity and hope to be able to help many missionaries and mission projects with this.

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Due to the corona situation, many children cannot attend school. For (missionary) families with children at home, there is a shortage of computers to be able to allow them to work all at the same time. In March, we received a request from Youth with a Mission (Heidebeek) who came to pick up 8 computers for several families. Pastors and youth workers came with a simiilar request. At Hands to Serve the team is temporarily a lot smaller because of the Corona – for the safety of everyone – but we try to help as much as possible with the people who are there.

Dear Hands to Serve, a warm greeting from the other side of the globe! We are missionaries working with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea and are coming to the Netherlands for a few months.

We’ll be picking up a car from you soon. Hopefully several other things as well. We hope to be able to watch TV in the Netherlands via our laptop. Unfortunately, the screen is very small. If you happen to have an external monitor, we could certainly use it. We are also looking for a printer to produce our newsletters, sermons, and presentations that we will be giving.

Recently we were able to send computers to Cebu City in the Phillipines. PASUK is a Christian Development Organization, that offers education to children in poverty, among other things. Every child is unique and valuable. We were able to help them with 12 computers, keyboards, and other practical electronics. Children can develop their talents so that they – in turn –  can help others. We packed three large boxes. We used baby clothing as packing material. This comes in handy by the young mothers there. We took the boxes to a transportation company who shipped them to the Phillipines. Take a look at the PASUK Foundation’s website to see how they are helping children. The stuff is on its way. Please pray that everything will arrive safely at its destination.

There was a request from ‘Oosteuropa zending’ (Eastern Europe Mission) for computers to be used in their Dutch office. We had just been given a stack of computers from a school which matched exactly with their need.

Of course we also gave them the screens, keyboards, mice and cables they needed.






They came by to collect it all.

We could also help them with a color laser printer.





Their system admin will now install all these computers in their office.



Easy loading with the fork-truck.



  • Can you fix my friends computer? The laptop is broken. She is working on the mission field, sent there by our church.
  • Today it is Tuesday, when does it need to be ready?
  • She is leaving for Africa this coming Friday. You think you will manage?
  • The laptop is really defective. An electrical shortcut on the inside. Is a different laptop also okay?
  • More than likely. When can that be ready?
  • I shall do my best. – A few hours later – Here is a good working, newly installed laptop!
  • This is not always so easily remidied, but today it just happened.
  • I give it to her and ask her if she could let us know if this laptop is a good replacement.

This Friday I went to YWAM in Amsterdam to give a presentation about the new European data protection laws. This also has some influence on the way IT is organized and we like to help them with this.

We also discussed how to improve the internal WiFi network. To start this improvement I installed a new network switch (one of the devices you see in the picture). This allows me to remotely monitor the internet load on each of  these cables and maybe help me determine some areas of future improvement. Thankfully this switch was donated to our mission recently so we could save YWAM the money of buying a new one.